The cement evolution

HERACLEX®, innovative, ductile
as well as resistant puts a new spin
on cement concept and applications.

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The HERACLEX® tecnology
Heracles, hero of the greek mythology, famous for his extraordinary strength and fatigue resistance.

Ultra High Performance cement-based materials can be obtained by using HERACLEX®, spearhead of the technology developed by INNOVAcrete, thanks to the extraordinary synergy developed among its components (patent-protected).
The application fields include several sectors as infrastructure engineering (bridges, tunnel lining segments…), hydraulic engineering (pipes, drains, tanks…), urban furniture design as well as interior design and, finally, crafts.

The use of HERACLEX allows to:
  • Avail of a new material with outstanding properties
  • Expand ad renew the range of products
  • Adapt to the market trends
  • Produce at lower cost products
  • Higher quality and durable manufactures
  • Use non-toxic and eco-friendly materials

HERACLEX® is patent-protected: V. Corinaldesi, A. Nardinocchi, “COMPOSIZIONE DI CALCESTRUZZI CON ALTA RESISTENZA A TRAZIONE”, patent for industrial invention N. 0001420870.

how does it work

In the cement-based materials prepared with the HERACLEX® technology, the cementitious matrix, chemically activated, tends to expand, and its expansion is restrained by the fiber-reinforcement.

This interaction produces a mutual action between fiber and matrix (self-prestress), which is responsible for higher strengths in tension and bending.


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Heraclex the cement evolution.

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Heraclex Life100_1.0

Compound for long life concrete.

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Heraclex Life200_1.0

Compound for long life concrete.

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Heraclex Des_1.0

Compund for ultra high performance concrete.

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Structure and infrastructure engineering:

  • Bridges (for the application to railway bridges Alessandro Nardinocchi won an international Award in Paris in 2014)
  • Precast segments for tunnels
  • Wide span roofing systems
  • Building façades
  • Cladding panels

Urban furniture:

  • Bus shelters
  • Benches
  • Grates

Interior design:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Bookcases
  • Assorted objects
  • Bath tubs, shower trays and bathroom furniture


  • Statuettes for garden
  • Design objects

Hydraulic engineering:

  • Pipes
  • Drainage channels
  • Tanks for either water or dangerous liquids
Technical data

The use of the HERACLEX® technology allows to obtain an UHPC with the following characteristics:

  • ultra resistant in compression (more than 160 MPa), in tension and bending (more than 40 MPa);
  • extraordinarily tough, resistant to blast and impact;
  • abrasion resistant, ultra fatigue-strong;
  • slim and lightweight, thanks to its ultra performances;
  • durable (not vulnerable to corrosion);
  • equipped with dimensional stability;
  • perfectly smooth side-view;
  • stain-resistant and waterproof on demand;
  • eco-friendly;
  • recyclable at the end of the life cycle;
  • non-toxic (the material doesn’t release toxic chemical, during neither production nor use);
  • fireproof (MO-A2 class);
  • customizable (in its shape, colour, roughness…);
  • doesn’t require nor surface finish or painting.

Realizations and Awards