INNOVAcrete can offer a precious contribution to the creative development of advanced solutions and design concepts with innovative materials.

INNOVAcrete has its strength point in its know how, which makes unique this company in the market for the synergy among the various advanced competences present inside. That’s why INNOVAcrete is able to provide support as well as specialised consultancy in the development of innovative design, in the field of architecture and infrastructure engineering, reaching up to product customization with unique mixtures studied for the specific demand.

INNOVAcrete will provide the key ingredient for producing UHPC HERACLEX® as pre-mixed bags. The supply will be accompanied by a consultant service related to structural analysis, specification requirements, mix-design optimization, further technological aspects including the optimization of the production technology.

HERACLEX is the right solution for anyone intentioned to renew and improve its production of structural concrete elements (for infrastructure, building, hydraulic engineering), of urban and interior furniture, of bathroom and office furniture, and also artistic artefacts.