INNOVAcrete s.r.l. is a spin off of Università Politecnica delle Marche recently constituted (January 2016) as innovative startup.

INNOVAcrete develops cement-based innovative materials characterized by ultra-high performance and markets premixed components called HERACLEX®.
Even if INNOVAcrete is a young company, it already claims many links with important companies in the precast concrete sector as well as a significant experience in technology transfer to enterprises.

The INNOVAcrete mission is to renew a well-established technology such as that of the traditional steel reinforced concrete, by introducing a series of products with advanced formulations, characterized by:

  • Ultra-high mechanical performance and durability, thanks to a very compact matrix as well as to the use of fibers;
  • Competitive on the market for a better resistance to weight ratio;
  • Eco-friendly for the use of valorized industrial by-products.

A differential element for INNOVAcrete premixed components is the product customization, with the formulation of innovative mixtures studied for the specific demand of our customers.
The team consists of three University Professors of the Engineering Faculty of Università Politecnica delle Marche, whose main research interests are Materials Science and Technology (Prof. Ing. Valeria Corinaldesi), Theory of Construction (Prof. Ing. Giovanni Lancioni) and Structural Engineering (prof. Ing. Fabrizio Gara), as well as by two Ph. Doctors graduated in advanced cement-based materials technology (Alessandro Nardinocchi, Ms.D. in Civil Engineering, and Glauco Merlonetti, Ms.D. in Architectural Engineering).